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About Us

Why we build this website?
We love electronics but often electronics products are expensive as the demand is high but sometimes it wasn't the case. You can get it at a cheaper cost. At We Eat Things, we aim to help you to save money by providing you discounted products from the suppliers and even greater saving if you get them in bulk. We form the bridge for you and negotiate with the suppliers for you.

Our Journey 
We are 2 brothers who walk a very different journey through our life from servicing people to talking with software.

During the pandemic, we came together looking for ideas to build on as covid-19 affects every one of us in many ways. After many iterations from building an app, making funny youtube videos, and selling chili sauce we stumble upon an e-commerce idea which is to help the consumer to save money using community buy. You may also buy one from our website if the price is right for you too!

Sean Xie
I am a steward from SIA, I have been doing this for 8+ years. Sending happy smiles off the plane is the satisfactory given from this job. This pandemic affected me greatly but also push me to do something different in this community and use my expertise to help someone in some ways.

Yew Tong
I am an avid developer with 8+ years of software engineering, which includes few years of experience running my own startup because I love to build and optimize solutions. 

I begin my programming journey through engineering games. Games are a huge part of my childhood and sci-fi movies fantasize and tickle my mind to build the future.

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